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It is a financial institution, not-bank licensed by the Bank of Albania in 2010, license no. 19, for microcredit activity. With about 10 years of experience, Capital Invest has been an integral part of the financial mechanism. Microfinance is the mechanism that provides a wide segment of consumers with financial means, which directly affect their economic situation. Addressing the lack of financial resources in areas or groups of consumers with financial difficulties, microfinance institutions have been able to build an ancillary industry, other than the banking one, which does not handle the requirements of this group.

FORZA product
It is a product that enables personal credit, without guarantor, only with an Identity Card and processed at a record time by Capital Invest. The application is done ALL ONLINE from your mobile, tablet or computer regardless of your schedule, day or location anywhere in Albania.
The loan can be used for any of your daily needs or for extraordinary expenses and is offered for as many DAYS as you need.
You can get the CASH loan (cash) at the branch at “Zog i Parë” Boulevard in Tirana and / or at the Capital Invest offices in the districts or at the offices of our agents, or in your bank account.
Customers are treated honestly regardless of income level, financial history or age. Capital Invest offers the possibility of a simplified process, without bureaucracy and fatigue in providing documentation or supporting guarantors in a 100% transparent way.
Credit terms, process steps, interest, commissions and all necessary information are fully and easily reflected.


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Our operators are ready to help. Just call our number between office hours and we’ll help you complete your application.

+355 45620300

E Hënë - E Shtunë: 08:00-20:00
E Dielë: 09:00-14:00
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